How many times have you searched for "auto detailing near me", "hand wash" or "best car/auto detailing" and have come up with very few, if any great options? Hence, RI Car Detailing in East Providence, Rhode Island was born. Quality and Passion is who we are!

Quality Products

We use the best products on the market to detail your vehicle. From cleaning chemicals, upholstery shampoos, dressings, to sealants and ceramic coatings. We want you to feel confident in the products we use on your vehicle.

Quality Service

Everyone at RI Car Detailing is a total Car Fanatic! We are driven by passion for all things fast and shiny. When you bring us your vehicle, we know it’s your pride and joy, and we feel how you feel. That emotion propels us to constantly grow and provide a higher level of service day in and day out.

Quality Results

All of our Auto Detailing services are geared toward satisfying the most difficult to please clientele. When others complain you are too picky, we welcome you with open arms and aim to exceed any expectation you have! You'll be impressed by our high quality products and high quality service!

Car Detailing

When it comes to auto detailing in Rhode Island, no one does it better than your friendly experts here at RI Car Detailing. We strive to provide the highest quality services and want to make sure your car looks its absolute best. We'll refresh your vehicle's look to bring out the cleanest and brightest shine possible!

Detailing Service on 2021 BMW M2 CS

Paint Correction

Paint correction will refine the painted surfaces to remove any and all imperfections, swirl marks, sanding marks and micro marring. This is the ultimate in pampering for your vehicle and is essential to achieve a deep luster and shine. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

High-end Paint Correction Services
New Car Prep on Lamborghini Urus

New Car Prep

Even new cars have scratches and imperfections. Our New Car Prep package will get your vehicle looking better than brand new. It includes a thorough exterior wash, and single stage paint correction so your paint will shine bright. This process is especially beneficial for a newly purchased vehicle that you will be adding paint protection such as a ceramic coating and paint protection film to so that you seal the perfect paint. We are meticulous workers who offer highest quality auto detailing Rhode Island has to offer.

Ceramic Coating on 2020 Ford F150

Ceramic Coating

Our popular ceramic coating custom service offers the long-term paint protection many owners are looking for. This coating drastically reduces the amount of required maintenance needed to keep your paint looking great, and also provides an important layer of protection that is far superior to traditional waxes or sealants.