C8 Corvette Detailing Professionals

The C8 Corvette Detailing Pros

We here at RI Car Detailing are Corvette fanatics, especially the new C8 Corvette. We have been waiting patiently for our C8 HTC and it's almost time. Like many of you, we want to keep ours looking as nice as possible while still doing what we love which is driving the car.

Many new Corvette C8 owners are new to paint protection. Therefore, it is important for us to properly educate our clients on process and reasons for protecting these vehicles while making the washing process as easy as possible while protecting the paint. Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film, and Window Tint can go a long way to helping protect your car for years to come.

Like we always say "Just because a vehicle is brand new or new to you from a dealership, it doesn’t mean that it is perfect." Most new C8 Corvettes are hauled across the country by large car carriers, after spending a lot of time outside of the Bowling Green, KY Chevy Corvette Assembly plant. In addition, these vehicles tend to sit on the dealer lot until the dealership performs their PDI checks. During this time, all exterior surfaces can accumulate contamination, lights scratches, swirl marks, etc. In many cases, dealerships just simply wash the vehicle and apply tire shine to the tires before handing them off to the customer. Therefore there isn’t any type of protection for the paint, wheels, glass, interior, etc. to keep it looking its best for a long time to come.


The first thing needed for your Corvette detailing should be to correct the paint. Even a brand new Corvette rolling off of the showroom floor will have scratches and swirls in the paint. We specialize in getting those imperfections out of the paint using our paint correction methods.
After completing the paint correction portion of Corvette detailing, we move on to paint protection. There are two major forms of paint protection, Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating.
Lastly, we protect the interior. Protecting the leather interior of your brand new C8 is very important. Replacing the leather can be very expensive especially if you have some of the two-tone color combinations. We can coat your leather to protect it and keep it looking as good as possible. Another great way to protect your interior is to add Window Tint. Window tint can reduce UV rays and heat transfer from the sun which can fade your interior over the lifetime of your vehicle.


The most durable form of protection for your paint is to add paint protection film / clear bra. This is a high grade clear plastic that has been custom fitted to the curves and panels of your car. Coverage levels vary from the classic “clear bra” which covers the front facing bumpers to a a full body paint protection film installation.
After the paint protection film has been installed, we recommend ceramic coating your Corvette. We recommend our Kamikaze coating for the ultimate ceramic coating.


If you are still waiting for your C8 Corvette and are working with a dealership that does not give you access to your latest status without hounding your salesperson, then we suggest calling the Corvette Concierge or using the Apple iOS chat feature by clicking the link below and selecting "Message a Live Agent". Please have your order number handy and check out the how to video below for more information.