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Ceramic Coating in Rhode Island Car Detailing

Ceramic Coating Service

KAMIKAZE Collection is a revolutionary range of high-end boutique car care products designed and manufactured in Japan, the home of ceramic coatings. All KAMIKAZE products are handmade at state-of-the-art facilities in Japan. Combining technology with traditional know-how, KAMIKAZE Collection prides itself on delivering truly innovative, unique products without the need for typically associated hype which surrounds other brands.

At RI Car Detailing, we offer our customers a choice of Kamikaze Collection ceramic coatings all of which start with Miyabi Coat as the standard protection layer. With access to Kamikaze Collection’s professional-only coatings, RI Car Detailing also offers Zipang Coat single stage protection, with an option to add a base layer of Miyabi. For the ultimate car enthusiast, we recommend two coats of Zipang Coat with a layer of Miyabi in-between, providing your vehicle with the maximum professional look and unparalleled protection.

In addition to a wealth of personal experience, RI Car Detailing's Ceramic Coating Professionals complete a 3-day, hands-on training certification course at the world famous Esoteric Elite Detailing Academy along with attending a 36-hour detailing course from Rightlook. Rest assured that the professionals at RI Car Detailing are experts at applying state-of-the-art coatings to all types of high-end vehicles.

Evaluation appointments and consultations are performed free of charge where we will answer all of your questions. Once the review of your car’s specific needs is completed, we will provide a quote for the services with no obligation to buy. ALL cars must be evaluated in order to provide accurate pricing.

Kamikaze Miyabi Coat


Miyabi Coat was designed for the sole purpose of protection. It is a thick layer providing great gloss levels. We recommend combining this with a topcoat of ISM to achieve an outstanding high-end gloss look with extreme paint protection.

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Kamikaze ISM Coat


ISM is a flexible, hydrocarbon coating that combines protection and gloss in one coat. ISM is strong, durable, and more resistant to water spotting than traditional glass coatings. On paint, it produces a deep rich gloss like a boutique carnauba wax.

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Kamikaze Zipang Coat


Zipang offers even higher levels of gloss and brilliance than the ISM coatings, as well as increased hydrophobicity and semi self-healing characteristics - the appearance of small swirls/imperfections in the coating surface will reduce when exposed to heat. Zipang Coat also provides a darkening effect to paint (blacks will be deeper, reds richer, etc.), and is able to lightly fill small imperfections in the paint. Best applied in two coats with a coat of Miyabi in between. Durability is rated at 5+ years when layered with Kamikaze Miyabi.

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Kamikaze Surface Film Coat


Film Surface Coat is a Ceramic Coating for Wraps and Paint Protection Film (PPF). This coating is chemically engineered to bond with paint protection film, both clear and satin, without causing any discoloration or durability issues. Coating leaves a ridiculously slick finish!

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Kamikaze Stance RIM Coat


Stance RIM Coat protects wheels from dirt and grime while adding hydrophobic properties. This helps to make wheel cleaning easy, especially on high brake dust vehicles.

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Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat


Adds protection and hydrophobic properties to exterior glass surfaces, providing excellent and long-lasting water beading. Additionally, dirt, bugs, and grime won't adhere to your glass like they would otherwise.

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Whether you drive an Acura, BMW, Corvette, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or anything in-between, contact us about a ceramic coating and paint correction to suit your needs.